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The CBR Design Team, have the ability to turn the mundane into the extraordinary with a simple wave and a flick of their mouse. They add to the overall marketing experience by taking the message that you wish to communicate and transform it into a visually appealing and exceptional piece of communication their the use of graphics, typography, plotagraphs, animation, illustration and layout.


Rich Media

The modern internet has given rise to a new language dimension.  We specialise in media that uses the best format and content to articulate a brand message.  We produce images, videos, GIFS and HTML5 experiences that resonate with your target audience and meet your marketing objectives.  

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Web & App Design

We’re here to help you set yourself apart from the clutter on the internet and keep your business top of mind with a modern responsive website.

From a single page site to a more complicated content management system we can assist with your requirements in building your dream website.


Digital Branding

We’re here to help you set yourself apart from the clutter on the internet and keep your business top of mind with a modern responsive website.

From a single page site to a more complicated content management system we can assist with your requirements in building your dream website.


Copy Writing

Our skilled team of copywriters produce creative content from long and descriptive to short, quick and straight to the point, whatever you need we’ll create. Copywriting uses the art of language to persuade, engage and memorise your clients, while still informing them on your services or products while encouraging them to believe in your brand.

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Raise Engagement Through Influencer Marketing 


We have a wide network of influential people in the media and entertainment industry. To meet our client's objectives, ensure that we optimize their reach, and run a more effective campaign for our clients – we curate our influencers, and allocate the most suitable candidates aligned with the brand in question. This ensures that we align an influencer that enhances and represents your brand with ease. 

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Programmatic advertising is the new wave of display advertising. Programmatic channels are similar to Google Display Network advertising where you can target an audience with text, banners or video advertising. While the Google Display Network can only target websites within their network, programmatic advertising can reach a much wider audience allowing you to target across a variety of premium websites such as News24, IOL etc.

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Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising is the most popular model for digital advertising. This type of advertising only charges you when a user interacts with your advertising, this could be a variety of actions such as watching a video, clicking through to your website or visiting the app store. Pay per click advertising is perfect for direct response campaigns as you only pay when a user performs a desired action.


Media Buying

Media bookings are a type of advertising where you identify a website which is relevant to your audience and pay the website owner in order to display your ads on their website. This differs from the Google Display Network and Programmatic advertising in that media bookings deliver a fixed amount of impressions at an agreed cost. Display & Programmatic do not guarantee that your ads will be on your website of choice as you are competing with other advertisers for the space.

CBR has secured relationships with the various media owners in South Africa and can help you reach your audience at scale. 


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Target your audience over the world’s largest video platform through a variety of different ad units.

TrueView in-stream ads, also called ‘Pre-rolls’ play before a YouTube video and are skippable after 5 seconds. You only pay if a viewer watches the video.
TrueView in-display ads appear alongside related videos, in the search results, or on websites (on the GDN) that match your audience targets. You pay only when a viewer chooses to watch your video by clicking on the ad. 


Social Media

We go beyond likes and followers, focusing on generating business and tangible returns on investment for our clients.  Our laser targeted, data driven social advertising campaigns always aim to achieve the most, with the least budget.

We produce content calendars, optimised for maximum results on each platform, featuring rich content that caters to your customers at every stage of the buying cycle.  Our community management team ensures a tip top reputation for your brand online.

Never satisfied with the tried and tested, we go beyond best practises by always seeking new and better ways of getting the most from our marketing efforts.

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    Search Engine Optimisation

    CBR Marketing has over 7 years of solid SEO knowledge and experience. We have a dedicated team who track user behaviour and intent, monitoring propensity to convert. Our advanced skills in technical SEO means you won’t be left behind by competitors who adopt the latest industry developments. We work on a foundation that is based on insight and supported by concrete data, much of which is sourced directly from Google experts.


    Our SEO services include but are not limited to: 

    • Comprehensive site audits
    • SEO process planning
    • Custom SEO strategies
    • SEO project management
    • Stakeholder management
    • Incorporating innovate website technology
    • Combining creativity and technology to help you capture relevant traffic
    • Optimizing your UX and Mobile experience
    • Utilizing Google best practice methodologies for online marketing
    • Reporting on Organic performance and value attained
    • Utilizing various Analytical and Marketing intelligence tools to give your organisation the competitive advantage.