Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing(SEM) is the process of increasing your websites’ traffic through paid listing on search engines. Virtually all search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo offer a paid option. There are some nuances between systems but they all follow the same basic principles.

Paid listings operate as a 24/7 online auction and works using Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. Over a million people can type in a keyword, this makes your advertisement appear, this is known as an impression and it’s free. However, for each of the people who click on your advertisement, you are obligated to pay the search engine a fee. The fee itself varies depending on which keyword or phrase you are bidding on and how fierce the competition is. The more people who want the word, the more expensive it is.

The following questions come to mind:

Yes. You can have multiple campaigns running each with their own daily limit. We can also control the maximum amount you are prepared to spend per click for each keyword appearing in a campaign.

Yes. However this is generally based on the location of the person's ISP so some anomalies should be expected.

Yes. Another option is also to control your bidding based on time of day. For example, a plumber may spend more per click at night where there are higher calls out fees.

Yes. These reports are available in real-time online. CBR Marketing Solutions prepares a concise monthly report for our clients giving the 'highlights'.

No. Search engines have sophisticated fraud protection algorithms that protect you from this sort of attack.

You are required to lodge your credit card with the search engine. Your card will be charged weekly based on clicks received from the previous week. You can also download a receipt whenever required. This makes it essential that limits are put in place and that the account is monitored often. There are a number of questions to ask and answer however; we can’t go through all of them now. This page would be too long and you may find our services unnecessary  Always keep in mind that your goals and the goals of the search engine are not the same. The search engine makes money by delivering you as many clicks as possible. You make money from sales (not clicks). CBR Marketing Solutions is 100% focused on getting our clients a good Return On Investment (ROI). We set up tracking points throughout your website known as goals and place a real value on each goal. These can be completed online enquiries or a completed sale etc. Our job is then clear - spend less money on pay per click advertising than what our clients earn from it and ensure you get a positive ROI. However, this does not always happen immediately and some clients focus on brand awareness which uses a different metric but the idea is still the same - Help our clients achieve their marketing goals.

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