Content creates meaning, maps, contextualises, encourages engagement, and shares sentiments and emotions.

Content is our world, and by embracing that fact we empower ourselves to leave an impact. In Marketing and Advertising, impact is everything. Are we memorable, are we awesome, are we communicating with our users in a way that is meaningful to them? Are we talking their language?

At CBR, our team of content creators and strategists ensures that your brand achieves your business goals, in the right tone, on the right mediums and in the most enticing and targeted ways.

We do that through blog and SEO copywriting; mailers and newsletters; creating eye-catching content for Social Media and Google; market and campaign strategies; slogans, straplines and messages to market and; website mapping and content. We also ensure that all of the above follows User Experience best practices.

Before the content creation can begin, we need to have done research and formulated a clearly defined strategy. We take a deep look at the brand. We consider what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. We brainstorm new ideas of what may work in the future. We do it all while paying careful attention to our users, online trends and the innovation we aim to achieve.

The exciting part?

Once we know what to do and how to do it, we tailor our content creation to each client, each voice and each medium – all fulfilling their individual purposes, as part of the greater whole.

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